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25 Years Proud: Older LGBT+ Community Named Grand Marshals in Moose Jaw Pride Parade

Moose Jaw Pride is welcoming its older LGBT+ community members to lead this year’s Pride Parade, 25 years after Moose Jaw’s first pride celebrations.

Moose Jaw Pride Week is set for July 22 – 28, 2018 with community events planned for each day. The 2018 Moose Jaw Pride Parade will be held on Saturday, July 28. The Parade line up starts at 1:15pm at the Southwest Corner of Main Street and the Manitoba Expressway.


“As organizers, we felt it was important to honour the generation of LGBTQ+ activists and organizers who came before us who dared to be themselves in a community that was much less accepting of gender & sexual diversity,” said Joe Wickenhauser, Executive Director for Moose Jaw Pride.

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Moose Jaw’s first Pride Celebrations which included a dance at Elks Lodge and a BBQ in Happy Valley Park.

The events took place just days before the province passed legislation to include “sexual orientation” in the human rights code and more than twenty years before “gender identity” was also protected.

Many of these same committee members organized various social events throughout the year, planned an AIDS Walk to help raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS and also helped to found AIDS Moose Jaw, a non-profit aimed at addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis in Moose Jaw.

2018 also marks the 40th anniversary of Moose Jaw’s earliest protest march for LGBT+ rights. In July 1978, protestors with placards (and some with bags over their heads) marched down main street Moose Jaw to protest the visit of anti-gay crusader, Anita Bryant.

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“While many people think of Pride as a celebration, it is also important to honour the struggles our community has endured and the many people over the years who have been willing to sacrifice their own comfort or safety to make the community safer for others,” Wickenhauser said.

All older LGBT+ community members are invited to contact Moose Jaw Pride to take a seat on the lead float.

Moose Jaw Pride can be reached with the contact information below.

Phone: 306.692.3388

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