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Our Pride WishList in 10 Adorable Puppy Pics!

These adorable puppy pictures help tell the story of what Moose Jaw Pride needs most this holiday season!

Big or small every gift and donation counts! We hope you will consider supporting Moose Jaw Pride this holiday season. Please contact us, if you are planning to donate a physical item!

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1. File Folders & Hanging Folders

This year, we’ve held lots of events and delivered a pile of workshops–this means we have a bunch of paperwork and need file folders and hanging folders to keep us organized. Our cabinets hold letter & legal sizes. We don’t mind if they’re new or used, and we’ll take them in any colour. We could use about 100 file folders and 30 hanging folders.


2. Kleenex

Sometimes people step into the Pride Office, share some things that are weighing heavy on their hearts and cry. Other times we host vigils and we need to make sure there’s enough tissue to go around. We could use about six boxes or so.


3. Card Stock

We go through reams of card stock when we are printing handbills to advertise pride and other community events across the province. Also, when we hold diversity training events, we print out training certificates on card stock. We could use about 10 reams of card stock this year.


4. Newspaper Subscription

We are proud of the work that we’ve been doing in the community and the coverage we get in the Moose Jaw Times Herald. Having a daily copy of the newspaper would be an excellent addition to our drop-in centre! Thanks to our Secret Santa, we got a subscription!


5. Camera Tripod

We would like to start broadcasting our events live over Facebook but we need a tripod to hold our phone! Something like this tripod would be perfect with a cell phone adapter like this one.


6. Portable Sound System

We would love to have a good quality portable sound system with microphones like this one that we could bring to outdoor events. If you have one you’d like to donate, please let us know!


7. Flat Screen TV

Who would say no to a Flat Screen TV in good condition? It would be great to have in the office for movie nights!


8. Wireless Presenter

We would love to have a wireless presenter like this one that we could bring to our Diversity Training workshops to advance our PowerPoint slides. No more awkward angles or pacing back and forth to the computer!


9. Gift Cards for Food

Whenever we can afford it, we try to have food for our volunteers or to give out at our events. We know that eating together brings people together – so please consider giving us a gift card at a grocery store!


10. Money

Organizations like Moose Jaw Pride are badly under-funded in Saskatchewan. We’ve done so much work with very little resources and we could do more with your support! Please give generously.

Donate Today

A donation of $20 will take us more than 65km towards a small town to offer Diversity Training
A gift of $50 will give 5 youth the opportunity to try something new at Gender Blender Bowling
$100 will help us pay our rent for a month in Moose Jaw’s first ever LGBT+ drop-in centre

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