Join Our Board

Moose Jaw Pride is currently seeking talented and enthusiastic individuals to join our Board of Directors! We currently have vacancies in a number of board positions.

About Moose Jaw Pride

Moose Jaw Pride Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation composed of a volunteer Board of Directors from Moose Jaw and across Saskatchewan. Our mission is to celebrate and support gender and sexually diverse people through the provision of fabulously inclusive community services and educational opportunities. Our vision is a thriving community for all gender and sexually diverse people .

What is a Board Member?

Board members provide a level of oversight or governance to a nonprofit organization to allow it to operate successfully. Governance provides a non-profit board of directors with the ability to monitor an organization’s mandate, its reputation, its legal and fiscal accountabilities, its ethical obligations, its risk management, as well as its overall performance as a board. For more information and resources for board members and non-profit organizations, please visit:

How to Apply

According to the Moose Jaw Pride bylaws, candidates must provide the following information to the nominating committee:
a. A cover letter and résumé; and
b. Two (2) references.

The nominating committee will interview candidates considered most qualified to fill the vacancies. Please note that all applications to join our board of directors will be treated confidentially.

Candidates may submit their questions or applications to:

Time Commitment

While each individual board member can contribute in different ways and take on different tasks, board responsibilities are expected to take approximately 3-5 hours per month. Due to the amount of time and energy required to train and orient new board members, we strongly recommend board members commit to a 2 year term of service to the board.

Board Member Expectations

• Attend approximately 10 meetings per year (including working meetings and proper board meetings)
• Participate in at least 1 committee
• Attend our annual Board Retreat (fall)
• Attend the Moose Jaw Pride Annual General Meeting (March)
• Do not miss any more than 2 consecutive board meetings without cause
• Conduct oneself in a professional manner
• “Speak with one voice” once board decisions have been made
• Being on time and prepared for meetings and completing work assignments

Essential Skills & Experience

• Confidentiality
• People skills – Ability to work well independently and as a team
• Ability to read & write reports
• Think critically and ask appropriate questions

Other Valuable Assets

• Good relationships with members of the public
• Previous experience with other non-profit boards or organizations
• Legal background
• Financial literacy
• Fundraising experience
• Passion/interest for LGBTQ+ issues
• Understanding or awareness of social issues
• Mental Health background
• Policy background
• Strategic planning
• Human Resources experience
• Experience working as or with volunteers

Legal Requirements

A Director is: A natural person who is at least 18 years of age, is elected by members and manages the affairs of the corporation. Anyone who is of unsound mind and has been found by a court in Canada or elsewhere; or a person who has the status of bankrupt, is disqualified from being a director.

Additional Information

A criminal record check will be requested from board members every 3 years.

Moose Jaw Pride is committed to anti-discriminatory practices and works to foster equal opportunity through the removal of systemic barriers.