Growing Up Gay in Moose Jaw

Birth, death and Prince Arthur I was born in Moose Jaw on March 18, 1959. I was 4 years old when my father Cirrol died as I sat upon his adoring lap. And yes, to this day (despite years of therapy) there is a disturbed...

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Hundreds Protest for Gay Rights in Moose Jaw (1978)

  In 1978, a rally against homophobia took place in Crescent Park, Moose Jaw. This still is from the short film "Gay Liberation" (1978) which is available at the Saskatchewan Archives Board. The following excerpt is taken from "Surprisingly Unexpected: Moose Jaw, Metronormativity and LGBTQ Activism,"...

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Moose Jaw Pastor Asks LGBT Community for Forgiveness

Used with permission from the Moose Jaw Times-Herald Dear LGBT neighbours… This week Moose Jaw is hosting our annual Pride Week and it’s sure to be a great celebration. If you’re from Moose Jaw, I congratulate you on living in a community where there’s a growing...

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