Personal Narrative

My Story: What it Means to Be An Ally

Many times I have been asked why I choose to stand in solidarity with refugees, indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ+ community and any other decent human being who is different from me in some way. The answer is simple: we are all in this together and...

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The Power of Protest – Take Back the Night

"Protest changes nothing" people are saying today. This is our reply: Violence happens when the conditions are right; change the conditions and you stand a hope of impact. 1. Violence happens amid silence, secrets, sanctioned stories, being too young to describe it, too afraid of being disbelieved....

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Seat Diversity

A Seat at the Table

It’s time for all agencies and festivals that support, advocate for and celebrate newcomers, refugees and racial minorities and their “diversity” to recognize sexual and gender diversity as a key part of their mandates....

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