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Jax Transition Transgender

Celebrating Who I Am: 1 Year of Transition

Hey everyone my name’s Jax, I’m a FTM (Female to Male) Transgender and celebrating one year of my transition. I personally was scared to come out for two reasons: I grew up in a religious home and didn’t know how people would react and I was scared to lose loved ones.

Through this year I have come to the conclusion now that God doesn’t make mistakes, I am who I am for a reason. Maybe my difference is to help others to be more understanding and accepting of all the kinds of people there are in the world. Also, if someone truly loves you they will continue loving you for who you are.

I think the hardest thing for me was feeling that my identity wasn’t valid for some people and I felt alone even though that wasn’t the case. I had some ups and downs throughout this year, but i know that I’m a better and happier version of myself because of it. I made a video of reflection to celebrate this year and share some good new, watch below

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