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Alternate Root Donates $1,000 to LGBT+ Education Fund

When her nephew came out to her many years ago, Carrie Richardson wondered what to do and where to go for support.

This memory is part of the reason why Richardson, the owner and operator of Alternate Root Organics, made a major contribution to the non-profit group for her third consecutive year.

In an interview, Richardson talked about her personal journey towards understanding and acceptance of gender and sexual diversity in Moose Jaw many years ago.

“My nephew, who is like a son to me, came out to me when he was in Grade 11. It was life-changing for me to learn more about the LGBT community and to see the bullying that went on. This was a number of years ago and he was probably the first one in his school that I even know of that came out.”

Richardson emphasized the importance of the holistic work being done by Moose Jaw Pride to support and educate people within the LGBT+ community as well as their parents, family members and communities about gender and sexual diversity.

“I think some people think Moose Jaw Pride is just for the LGBT community but that’s not true. They offer education for all of us who know someone or maybe have a relative who is going to come out to us.”

Richardson said that while Moose Jaw Pride has made very good progress over the past year, she also noted the non-profit needs more funding to continue this important work.

“I think the issue that you are faced with—acceptance—is life changing and altering for people. The more backing that is there from the community, the better.”

To other organizations looking to sponsor or for other individuals considering making a donation, Richardson encouraged them to move forward.

“I say jump right in. Absolutely, no question about it.”

Now in their 15th year of business, Alternate Root Organics is proud to be Moose Jaw’s only locally owned and operated health food store. In addition to groceries and health supplements, this non-franchise operation boasts an organic/gluten free/dairy free bakery, a kid’s playroom, a natural health and beauty department, as well as two rooms for natural therapies.

The donation of $1,000 was part of a 12-month social media campaign where Alternate Root Organics donated $1 for each new person who liked Moose Jaw Pride’s Facebook page. Since Alternate Root Organics began sponsoring the campaign, the group’s followers have doubled with more than 3,000 people liking the page.
Support Moose Jaw Pride
A donation of $20 will take us more than 65km towards a small town to offer Diversity Training
A gift of $50 will give 5 youth the opportunity to try something new at Gender Blender Bowling
$100 will help us pay our rent for a month in Moose Jaw’s first ever LGBT+ drop-in centre

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