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Humboldt Set to Proclaim City’s First Pride Week

The City of Humboldt made history on Monday when City Council authorized the Mayor to proclaim September 11 – 18, 2016 as Humboldt Pride Week.

The request was submitted by Andrew Hartman, a Humboldt resident and member of PFLAG Humboldt Chapter in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Pride Network, a project initiated by Moose Jaw Pride and funded through the Community Initiatives Fund.

In a phone interview Hartman said, “I was really excited when the City of Humboldt really felt that they wanted to support their entire community because it can be hard for people who are under the LGBTQ spectrum to find connection in smaller centres. So the fact that this city wants to support all of its members, is really important and shows how welcoming the community really is.”

Humboldt Pride Week is set to kick off on Monday, September 12 with the city’s first-ever raising of the Rainbow Flag at 12:15pm at City Hall.

According to Joe Wickenhauser, Executive Director for Moose Jaw Pride, “A rainbow flag raising is an opportunity for people to come together and show their support and respect for people who identify as LGBT. Whatever your sexual orientation or gender, everyone is welcome to attend.”

The week’s activities continue throughout the week with the launch of a weekly Rainbow Coffee Youth Group at Partner’s Family Services on Wednesday, “Be Yourself Bowling” at Kemway Lanes on Friday as well as a service of inclusion at Westminster United Church and a time for fellowship at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church on Sunday. More details about the week can be found online:

Hartman, who moved from Vancouver to Humboldt said that he wasn’t sure what the atmosphere for LGBT people would be like in the smaller centre:

“Meeting other people my age with similar interests was one of the biggest challenges. I’ve tried to get out and get more involved in the community and support the community in building new relationships outside of work.”

Once Hartman took that first step to get involved in local LGBT initiatives, he described being pleasantly surprised:

“Coming here and seeing how diverse the population is, was really refreshing for me.”

Speaking about the need for local resources and supports for LGBT people living in smaller centres in Saskatchewan, Hartman spoke about the importance of the work of the Saskatchewan Pride Network:

“I’m really grateful that Moose Jaw Pride and the Saskatchewan Pride Network are able to support us with our initiatives and help create connections across the province and not just out of big centres in Saskatoon and Regina.”

To read Andrew Hartman’s letter to the City of Humboldt requesting a flag raising, click here:

Andrew Hartman-Request
To read the City of Humboldt’s confirmation of Humboldt Pride Week, click here:

For media inquiries, please contact:

Andrew Hartman
Humboldt PFLAG Member

Joe Wickenhauser
Executive Director
Moose Jaw Pride

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