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Listening to LGBTQ+ Youth Will Change Us

Jayda D’Amico is one of the youth involved in planning the #MJLifeHack Youth Leadership Project taking place in Moose Jaw from August 2-6, 2016.

It’s so crucial for lgbtq+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, Transgender,queer, +) youth to have a voice because as a growing minority we are often excluded and discriminated against for being different.

We are currently fighting for the rights to be ourselves without fear of repercussion, so the need to speak out about issues within our community is becoming such an important thing.

The youth leadership camp being held from August 2nd to 6th 2016 is a perfect example of lgbtq+ youth being able to voice their concerns and opinions on how specific community services handle lgbtq+ issues and is a way to allow the youth to give constructive criticism to help those services to become more inclusive toward lgbtq+ individuals.

This also gives lgbtq+ youth an opportunity to learn about the services available to them and to gain information about all things lgbtq+ such as queer sex ed and other cool things that the day camp offers.

Being able to create change even in a small way is so important and is as simple as creating a space safe enough for people to be themselves in.

Having a voice in this transitional period of time between ignorance and discrimination to education and acceptance can make all the difference in helping the hands of time move quickly towards a safe environment for everyone.

So don’t silence your voice under the judgement of others–rise above their ignorance and respond to them with knowledge and kindness.

We are here, we are queer and we will never disappear.

To find out more about more about the #MJLifeHack Youth Leadership Camp or to register for this FREE camp, please visit:

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