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Moose Jaw Pride Preparing to Support LGBTQIA+ Newcomers

Above: Moose Jaw Pride’s Gender Diversity Representative, Nillin Dennison, has been invited to sit on the Emergency Measures Organization enacted Syrian Resettlement Committee to facilitate aid for LGBTQIA+ arrivals.

In light of the 25,000 Syrian refugees soon to arrive in Canada, and the government’s announcement to allow LGBT refugee claims, Moose Jaw Pride’s Board of Directors met to discuss ways in which they could more actively support any LGBTQIA+ refugees, immigrants, temporary residents, permanent residents, and newcomers who may be in need of additional support.

Moose Jaw Pride operates year-round and offers a wide range of programming, social opportunities, resources, and community services for gender and sexually diverse individuals living in the city and surrounding area.

Moose Jaw Pride is happy to offer all of these services to anyone, regardless of their citizenship, residency status, or residential ties.

Some of the specific ways that Moose Jaw Pride will be supporting newcomers includes:

  • Providing opportunities to socialize in safe, welcoming and all-inclusive spaces.
  • Providing LGBTQIA+ focused resources and referrals.
  • Providing LGBTQIA+ specific orientation information regarding gender and sexually diverse communities, activities, support groups, and organizations at both the provincial and federal level.

In order to help facilitate these efforts and ensure that newcomers to the city are aware of these services, Moose Jaw Pride’s Gender Diversity Representative, Nillin Dennison, has been invited to join the Emergency Measures Organization (E.M.O.) enacted Syrian Resettlement Committee. Over the coming months, Nillin will be working to ensure that all of those arriving, as well as those already resettled, are aware of Moose Jaw Pride’s programming, resources, social opportunities, and support services. Nillin will serve as the primary point of contact for Moose Jaw Pride, and any newcomers in need of support, assistance, information, or resources are encouraged to contact them.

Nillin can be reached via email at or via telephone at 306-693-4677.

All inquiries will be treated with the greatest degree of confidentiality and respect for privacy.

All local businesses, agencies, organizations, and service providers are reminded that Moose Jaw Pride provides gender and sexual diversity training. For more information on these training sessions, please contact

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