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My Story: In Wonder

In Wonder

By Janae Brownley

Loving this space that I fill with my beauty.
Loving my beauty that takes up a place.
Loving my grace that creates its own wonder.
Loving my hope that re-energizes me and others.
Help me take my rightful spot in the world.
Alongside so many other talented womxn.
Let us love each other simply because we are.
Let us pull alongside one another because we can.
Let us hug each other because it is one of our gifts.
Let us sing to generate the joyous spirit within us.
Here we are in the nascent edging of our winter.
Ring out with the chorus of our wonder of our birthing.
The birthing of children who infuse life with such amazement.
The bringing to life of ideas that are so pregnant with brilliance.
The soaring of soul that draws us into the center of Creator.
The entering of the deep mystery that only we know.
Loving the ones who share this time and space with me.
Loving the ones who have gone before and I celebrate and grieve.
Loving my beauty that takes up a place.

Image Credit: CC BY-NC 2.0 – Anna Ossanna (2018)

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