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New & Established Artists Side by Side at True Colours Art Show

This Friday, artists from Moose Jaw to Montreal will be displaying their work at the , happening at 7pm at Tourism Moose Jaw.

One of the local artists, Jaycub Hunt Houghton, talked about how art can bring healing to the LGBT+ community:

“I started painting before I came out because I felt I needed some way to express myself. The way that I did that was through my art.”

While Jaycub said his art is not all about his transition, he talked about how it has affected his work over the past several years:

“As I transitioned and started to be who I am now, it developed from being so angry and negative to being on this more spiritual or more creative side. It gave the paintings more of a life than this darkness I focused on in the art before.“

Laura Hamilton, well known in Moose Jaw for her paintings of faceless free-spirited women, will be at the art show to display her work and to offer support, encouragement and advice to aspiring artists within the community.

“To me, art should be shared and be used to help other people instead of keeping it to yourself,” she said.

On many occasions, Laura has talked openly about her struggles with anxiety and depression and how she also found healing through her art. Despite not having the proper supplies, Laura describes her first painting as a revelation:

“I applied the oil paint with a screwdriver, because I only had big paintbrushes, and the minute the oil paint touched the canvas, it just started dancing and this woman formed. That was my first painting. Lucy in the yellow dress [who became] the mother of my healing.”

Laura took a number of important steps to be able to work as a full time artist: “Believe in yourself and try new things. Get your name out there. Follow your path. Talk to other artists who inspire you. I’ve done lots of pop up shops and that’s how you get your name out there.”

Jaycub talked about his struggles with anxiety and the challenge of wanting to create paintings with LGBT+ themes but having a hard time finding a non-judgmental audience for his work.

“Now that I’m doing stuff with Pride I feel comfortable so I feel like I am able to sell my art.”

Some of the art at the show will be display-only, while other pieces may be sold or raffled off. The show, which will feature art from artists as young as 13, will be an all ages event.
Jaycub talked openly about the relief he felt after coming out and encouraged anyone else who felt safe to come out as well. However, he said, “It’s not a race – you don’t have to come out all at once. It takes a while to get comfortable.”

This is a value that Laura shares greatly: “I believe that there should be equality for everyone… no matter who you are, everybody deserves to be loved and there should be kindness towards everyone.”

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