Joe Wickenhauser

Executive Director

Joe Wickenhauser is a passionate community organizer who has worked with schools, healthcare workers, community groups and businesses to provide diversity training and offer guidance on how to support LGBT+ people in an organizational setting. After completing his Master’s thesis on the history of the LGBT+ community in Moose Jaw and across Saskatchewan, his work has focused on bringing communities together to support gender and sexual diversity in smaller centres. Joe regularly delivers presentations and workshops on LGBT+ issues and was nominated for a Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union in 2016.

Laura Budd

Education Coordinator

Laura Budd is an impassioned Human Rights advocate and ally who is driven to create a society where all people are celebrated and respected.  She has worked with students (from pre-K to University), educators, health care professionals, women’s shelters and service groups to offer diversity training on gender and sexual diversity which includes her own lived experiences. With the unique ability of speaking from her scars, not her wounds, Laura also does motivational speaking to dispel the myths and stigmas of mental health challenges and suicide.

Board of Directors

Karmen Krahn, Acting Chair

Director since: November 26, 2015

Karmen serves as Behaviour Consultant to Prairie South School Division. She is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis with a masters in theology and ethics. Karmen was raised a Mennonite in Swift Current Sask where she first enjoyed cycling, dogs, art and writing. Wildly passionate about, and deeply committed to, the well-being of children and families; she not only serve those on the margins, she has made her home there.

Amanda Farnel, Secretary

Director since: September 29, 2016

Amanda was born and raised in Moose Jaw. She is Operations Coordinator at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words and has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Statistics.

Sonny Yong, Treasurer

Director since: May 26, 2016

Sonny is originally from Malaysia and has been living in Moose Jaw since the day he arrived in Canada 16 years ago. Working as a cook for many years, Sonny decided to change his career for good and went back to school to get his Grade 12 Diploma. He then went on to complete a program in Business Information Systems at SIAST in hopes of finding a job in the IT field. Sonny believes that life is in the palm of your hands and you have the power to shape your future and achieve success beyond your expectations, no matter what.

James Szwagierczak, Volunteer Coordinator

Director since: October 29, 2015

James is 25, gay and a former foster kid. Outside of serving on the board of directors for Moose Jaw Pride he is also secretary on board for Saskatchewan Youth In Care and Custody Network, as well as being secretary of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Moose Jaw (GLAMJ).

Sara Artiga, Member at Large

Director since: September 29, 2016

Sara was born in Regina, raised in Moose Jaw and lived for time in Toronto where she worked various jobs as a nanny, in retail and as a freelance makeup artist on a silent film called: “Prey”.  Sara moved back to Saskatchewan to be closer to her family and now fiancé. Sara currently works as a nanny to two beautiful and wonderful toddlers and an amazing family. As a Latina-Canadian, Sara is passionate about making a difference and working towards equality and inclusion in this community.

Jenn New, Member at Large

Founding Member

Director since: February 6, 2014

Jenn is is a person who copes with the impacts of ventilator dependent quadriplegia and has 24 hour care attendants.  Jenn attends university part time and enjoys a variety of activities including art/drawing, listening and attending music events, and gatherings with friends. Even though she has physical limitations, Jenn actively strives to live with a barrier free attitude. 

Jim Tenford, Member at Large

Founding Member

Director since: February 6, 2014

Jim is Moose Jaw Pride’s treasurer and the minister at St. Andrew’s United Church.  He’s been involved with Pride since 2013 and sees this work as an important part of his faith – bringing hospitality and healing to the world.


Mikayla Skye Schultz

Founding Member

Feb 6, 2014 to Jan 29, 2015

Matt Neuls

Member at Large

March 12, 2015 to Oct 29, 2015

Joe Wickenhauser

Founding Member

Chair of the Board

Feb 6, 2014 to Dec 15, 2015

Sarah Simison

Founding Member

Secretary/Chair of the Board

Feb 6, 2014 to March 19, 2016

Nillin Dennison

Gender Diversity Representative/Chair of the Board

Jan 29, 2015 to Sept 18, 2016

Falon Dennison

Member at Large/Gender Diversity Representative

March 12, 2015 to Sept 18, 2016