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Moose Jaw Pride Volunteers Help Spread Holiday Cheer

Spirits were high this Friday as Moose Jaw Pride Volunteers were at the Town ‘N’ Country Mall wrapping gifts, collecting donations and spreading holiday cheer.

“My friend asked me to help out and I thought it would be for a great cause. I’m all about love and it doesn’t matter who  you love. Love is love,” said Shannon Robinson, a volunteer with Moose Jaw.

The group was excited to wrap nearly 40 gifts and raise nearly $250 for Moose Jaw Pride.

“A friend  made a post on Facebook asking for LGBTQ friendly people to help volunteer. I figured that was me and I thought that it would be a good cause,” said Haley Kuntz, a Grade 11 student at Vanier Collegiate.

The event was a great way for allies and LGBTQ folks community to connect with others and spread awareness about gender & sexual diversity in Moose Jaw. In addition to wrapping gifts, the group interacted with more than 200 visitors to the booth.

“I had an amazing time getting to know everyone better and getting to talk to our supporters. I am in awe by how many people were so supportive of us today, and were happy to say hi to us. I had a lot of fun with everyone, and look forward to when I can help again,” said Cynthia Harnett, a first-time volunteer with the group.

Moose Jaw Pride will be back at the Town ‘N’ Country Mall on December 24 from 12pm to 5pm wrapping gifts for last-minute shoppers.



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