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Respecting Your Queen or…Anyone

A couple weeks ago, I was out at a local establishment in Drag, as one does. On this particular night, I was standing off to the side of the dance floor with my back turned to the majority of the patrons talking with friends, when out of nowhere; I felt two hands reach around me, preceded by several thrusts against my ever so fake bottom. I turned around to find a young female adult then trying to grab at me some more. Without delay, I immediately told this individual not to put her hands on me ever again in my most manly voice.

Now, this was not the first time a similar situation has occurred, but it is the first time I reacted to it. This prompted me to post a status on Facebook on how to properly handle a Drag Queen that has received a lot of attention:

Dear people…a few tips on how to handle a Drag Queen.

Yes…I would love to take a pic with you. Don’t be afraid to ask. I didn’t spend all this time getting ready not to be seen 😉

Please don’t touch my hair. It is expensive and not meant to be pulled on…I don’t care how much you love it.

Don’t grab my face and pull me in…that’s just rude.

I don’t want to kiss you on the lips. That’s just gross. Give me a air kiss on the cheek. Note that it’s a “air kiss”. Don’t make contact. We spent hours on our look and don’t need your lips to rub it off.

Please don’t grab my ass, my boobs, my crotch. If I was not in drag and came up to you and did that…I’d be in jail. Same thing goes for you.

Like anyone, sometimes I give permission to my friends or fellow performers to touch my body in ways that are fun, playful or downright filthy–don’t assume that includes you.

Even though this post was geared towards my experience, it holds very true to EVERYONE. No matter who you are, it is not ok to assault anyone, in or out of Drag. I understand that this may be your first time seeing a Drag Queen, but we are real human beings with real bodies under our frocks.

I found it interesting that a queen (not local)who at first seemed to agree with my post, started down a path of vulgarity stating that you should not touch a queen, but it is expected and acceptable to have Queens touch members of the audience. I completely disagree, and again, at no time is this behaviour acceptable.

–Flo Mingo

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