The Pride Report

Volunteer: Make Pride Possible

Moose Jaw Pride Week is just around the corner and we are still looking for a few additional volunteers to help out with our Pride Week events!

We sat down with James Szwagierczak, Volunteer Coordinator for Moose Jaw Pride to find out how to get involved!

Why is it important for people to volunteer?

It is important for people to volunteer because without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do a lot of our fantastic events like the pride parade, community fair or the after party.

What kinds of benefits are there for people who volunteer?

In addition to volunteers getting in to our events free, they also meet new friends, and have a sense of accomplishment for helping the community.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are there this year?

Barricading for the pride parade, helping with the luncheon, helping make buttons and sell merchandise.

How can people sign up if they want to help out?

They can either email James the Volunteer Coordinator at or they can fill out the volunteer form here.

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