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My Story: Today I Did Something Very Real for Me

So as someone who’s told they are quite the closed person I’m gonna open up for a minute. Today I did something very real for me.

Today was the first Yorkton/Melville pride and I marched in the front of that line. Yorkton is not a happy place for me. For every good memory I have there, there is at least three of being threatened, told I need to change or being afraid to be in public. All because I decided I wouldn’t hide and be true to myself.

I debated not going but realized I had to do it. I refused to be in face because if it was the first time ever I had to be the true authentic me, Not behind a mask of make up and a persona.

It was odd being in a place that caused me so much pain, led to trust issues and made me so insecure even to this day as myself and proud. I’m so glad I did it though. I feel like a great anchor on me moving on was truly conquered and I commit to try and make every Yorkton Melville pride from here on.

It has a long way to go but I commit to stand against that fear and be that pillar for the the entire community by jumping foot first until all gender and sexual diverse people are seen just as people and not a letter of a movement fighting for equal rights.

Everett Raymond Osicki/Maya Fantasee

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